How Often Should You Color Your Hair?


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Claudia Schwenzer Profile
Coloring your hair damages your hair color, and if you do it constantly it could completely ruin your natural color.
I would do it once to three times a year. If you do it every month you have a higher risk of damaging your hair.
If your going blonde, it could take a lot of time and steps, from a color a month to a few a month depending on how dark your hair is.
So really, just stick with one every 3 months.
Good luck! :]
ronald jude Profile
ronald jude answered
If you use permanent an you are a man every 6 to 8 weeks
chen lyfen Profile
chen lyfen answered
I dye it once by 2 or 3 months it depends on how my hair goes to become white quick or not so at least I dye it 4 or 5 times by year.

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