Can I Successfully Color Dark Relaxed Hair?


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This is all true, but at the same time for those who are doing their hair at home first need to stop because your killing the ahir everthime you put a bleach on it... But if you go to a professional  they sould lift you and then put on a toner that will help you recondition your hair. Second  you need to not wash your hair every day.. I say go as long as you can stand it so that your hair can reproduce natural oils for your hair.. These oils are very healthy for your hair.. For those who feel they need to shampoo their hair every day. Stop! You can wet your air down in the shower but in stead of using shampoo replace it with conditioner. Most don't know that conditioners has light acids in it to cleans the hair and scalp. Conditioner acids removes soap scum and other resens. Next use a sulfate free shampoo like purology. Sulfate free shampoos helps hold the color in the hair.

Relaxed hair and want color: Get a strand test avoid bright colors because your already broken up your hiar bonds and the hair cutical is open I say get a deep conditioning treatmen at least once a month to maintain healthy hair. But remember try not to over do protien treatments because to much protien will cause the hair to get stiff and when combing it it will break...

For those who have curly hair shampooing is out the question. To minimize frizz your hair need its natural oils to help control it. So instead of shampooing wet down the hair and like stated earlier use a daily conditioner to replace the shampoo. My name is Donzel been a hairstylist for 13 years and I specialize in healthy hair. I attended Dudley's unuversity of cosmetology when I recieved Phd in hair chemistry. Now working in one of ann arbor's michigan top salons if any one have more questions feel free to send inquiried to .. Tytle it HELP I HAVE A HAIR QUESTION
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Dark hair usually looks most natural with soft light brown highlights. However, trying to colour or highlight dark relaxed hair results in it taking on a gold or red colour, depending on the colour chosen. This is because dark brown or black hair almost always has a lot of natural red in it, even if you cannot see it otherwise. Hair colouring is common today and is indulged in to add spice and enhance the hair style adopted. The procedure involved in colouring dark and relaxed hair can be both, rewarding or devastating depending on how and by whom the job is done. The hair colour should look as natural as possible. When you choose the hair colour opt for one that adds shine and bounce to your hair style.

More important is how you maintain the texture of your hair and the style after colouring. You should opt for a colour with the least peroxide and which is known to be subtle on the hair. A little prior research goes a long way in narrowing down to the best colour available in the market. Dark relaxed hair usually takes to colour well, but you should be careful and conduct a scalp test, if you are attempting it for the first time.
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Products used to relax or straighten curly hair can be quite harsh and alter the proten molecules of the hair shaft. Then using colour on it which uses a stripping agent to bleach the hair so the colour can stick and then using a fixative, can all stip the hair of its natural oils and shine so the condition can deteriorate and become brittle and break, split and fall out. At the very least it may loose its lustre.

Go to a hairdresser and explain your situation and the history of your hair treatments, she can then give you some advice.

I would recommend that you get a professional to do this treatment as there are now products that can ensure the hair is not so stressed and do not strip the hair as much. These products are not cheap of course but the corrective treatments that you will be forced to use if you stip your hair, are not either.

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