How Often Should I Wash My Hair?


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there! I suggest that you get it done once a week if it’s pretty warm! In
winter, it is essential to stay hydrated and avoid excessive dry hair and skin
by over washing. However, this will not be the case in summer, as the skin will
evacuate lots of oil and sweat. Hope this helps and all the best with your hairs!

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If you can't understand why some people wash their hair everyday, it's because your hair has LOADS of natural oils and gets greasy quickly.

However, if you are like me and you have little to no natural oils in your hair it's probably a good idea to wash it less often.  I can leave my hair unwashed for 7 days + and STILL not get greasy hair and then the day that I wash it, I have the worst dandruff ever.  Also my hair type is short, thin, dry, frizzy and naturally curly.  I did everything you can do wrong with my hair.  Bottom half is straight (due to chemical straightening) top is wavy and does not straighten.  Cut myself a fringe which does NOT help in any way and hair is always a mess.  I am too vain to go days without washing my hair.

Wash your hair as often as it is greasy.

So if it gets greasy everyday, wash it every day or two.
If not, count how many days it takes to get greasy (while not washing your hair), say it takes 6 days, then try washing it every 6 days or so.

Hope this helps.
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After every 2 days
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It depends on how easily it gets dirty but every second day is best
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There is really no standard answer to this problem. You shoudl wash your hair whenever it is greasy. Also if you work in a dusty or unclean environment then you should wash it every day. Similarly if you smoke or work in a smoky environment your hair could probably benefit from regular shampooing.
If your hair is very dry then washing it too often may strip away some of the protective oils contained in the hair follicles. However, sometimes if hair is not washed often enough and is dry it can go a little frizzy.
Some people wash their hair using water only and although they may have greasy and lanky hair for a little while, they assert that the natural ph balance of the hair is restored and shampoo is not needed. But many people like the smell of freshly shampooed hair.
So, just wash your hair as often as feels right for you and this should be fine.
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I agree but my hair is naturally oilly but it doesnt get 2 oilly until a month or 2 later should i wash it every month
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Wash your hair every day!!!
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It depends on everything. If you get really greasy easily, then washing it everyday might not be so bad. Also, if you work in lets say a construction site, for example, then its also probably a good idea to clean it. However, if you don't get very greasy hair, and you work at a place where you arent going to get very dirty, well then maybe every other day wouldn't be too bad. It really all depends on what type of hair you hair, because if you wash your hair too much, then the natural oils in your hair aren't there, and you hair won't be as healthy, and shiny.

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