Do You Color Your Hair?


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I've been dying and lightening my hair since I was 20 (and I'm a long ways from that now).  I started going gray in my early twenties, and have had my hair about every color Clairol has thought of.  Now that it's gray/white/light brown, I keep it lightened (well, bleached, really) to an ash blonde. 
It's probably a miracle that I even have hair on my head now.  LOL!!
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Wellll YEAH! lol!!
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I highlight my hair i think it looks good! Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol !!
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I have strawberry blond hair and have the ends tipped black about 4 inches up, but I have only dyed all my hair once and I lightened it.
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That sounds so cool! I've never tried that, but it sounds intriguing with the ends tipped darker.
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Yes i do colour my hair. When i have the time.
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No. Too much work. But i might not say that if i had any gray...I have blonde hair that gets lighter in summer and darker in winter. But compared to the rest of the "blondes" here in California, I am barely blonde!
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Yes! I color my HAIR all the time!!
For example in the past month i have colored my hair black 3 times. This is because my hair color tends to fade fast, even with the right products. The question is my hair damaged? No, its not, i use treatments on it to keep this form happening.

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