What Style Is Your Choice For Bedtime Wear?


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Mati green answered
Cotton pajama pants and either a tank top or t shirt.... Matching the pajama pants of course...lol
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I bet they are all lacy etc....SMILE thanks for your answer
Mati green
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LOL... Actually no... Some of them have my college logo on them...LOL
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In the winter warm fuzzy pants and a cotton shirt, in the summer cotton shorts and a cotton t shirt. Just basic no lace.... Some of the pants have cartoon characters like Stewie or happy bunny...
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Penny Kay answered
Right now i am wearing a flannel gown, i prefer p.j.'s and weird concoctions of nightgowns with p.j. Bottoms, unless it is going to be a 'busy' night, then i have a short silk penoire, or a cami with shorts, nicely trimmed in satin and ribbons.
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Ummm that sounds just like bad girls...hahahaha,and even sometimes the birthday suit...hahahaha
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Johanna answered
Depends... If I am with my boyfriend I try and wear something more sexy. Like he loves seeing me in his work shirt... So ill wear that. But what I love wearing to bed... Nothing. I HATE CLOTHES TO SLEEP IN... Well ill wear socks lol. But thats it. Unless its really cold. See I live in minnesnowta and my bed is right under a big window. So in the winter most night I will wear big t with a pair of overly big sweat pants lol. SUPER Warm
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Pamela Krueger answered
I usually wear a long pink nylon sleeveless nightie with embroidered flowers around the midriff area.  In the summer I wear the shortie pjs.
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Suny Day answered
My wife insists that we wear exactly the same thing to bed - birthday suits.  I, of course, agree.  We want nothing between us.
Katrina Ferguson Profile
In the winter I wear flannel PJs in the summer I will wear a big  t-shirt
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Thanks for the answer,but even your answer allowed me to feel the frustration, can anyone help?
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Anonymous answered
In the summer months, just a panty or my birthday suit.  When it's cold then I switch over to a nightie. 
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Lee Jay answered
Most of the year, except for the coldest months, my wife likes it best if I wear a "baby doll" pj ... And she does too.  Now in the winter or coldest months, both of us dress for bed usually wearing matching women's PJ's.

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