Can You Dye Your Hair After Keratin Treatment? If You Can What Can Be Used?


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In most cases, hair can be dyed after a keratin treatment. However, it is highly recommended you wait two weeks before dying your hair after the treatment. Sometimes, it may be necessary to repeat the keratin treatment process after dying your hair as the dying could affect the results of the keratin treatment. Always consult with a hair stylist before treating your hair in any way that will produce permanent results, as things can easily go wrong. Preferably, all treatments should be done by a professional.

• What type of dye should I use on my hair after a keratin treatment?

Any type of hair dye can be used after you have treated your hair with keratin. Of course, you will need to consider other factors as well, such as the current color of your hair. For instance, if you currently have dark brown hair and wish to be blonde, the process will need to be gradual. Firstly, you must lighten your hair's shade of brown. Then it will be suitable for lightening to a blonde shade.

• A note on hair bleaching after keratin treatment

Although dying after a keratin treatment should not damage your hair severely, you should not attempt to use bleach to color your hair after using keratin. This is due to the fact the keratin treatment will, to an extent, have damaged your hair, as the majority of permanent hair processes do. Bleaching severely damages your hair, particularly when done regularly. Too many damaging treatments on your hair over a short period of time will cause it to become dry and brittle. It may even begin to fall out. Be very wary when carrying out both keratin and bleaching treatments, and be sure to use plenty of conditioner each time you wash your hair to replenish your hair's moisture supply.

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