How Can You Strip Your Hair Color?


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There are several ways to strip color dye out of your hair: Buying over-the-counter DIY hair remover products or by seeking professional help.
Although many DIY home kits claim to use gentle ingredients to strip away color without being too harsh on your hair, it might be best to go to a recommended salon if you are not sure how to use the kit. Generally, hair dye takes from 48 to 72 hours to set into the cuticle so act fast to remove it as soon as possible. If you used a semi-permanent hair dye, try to avoid using a removal product, as the color will eventually wash out with regular shampooing.
Permanent hair color, or products with bleach in it, will be trickier to remove but good professionals are usually familiar with consumer hair products and are equipped with the best tools for removal methods. If you colored your hair in a salon, chances are your stylist can remove, offset, or blend hair colors free of charge. If you dyed your own hair, take the merchandise box with you to show trained professionals so they can decide what type of products to use depending on the brand.
'Natural' remedies include using volume shampoos and gels (often designed to blow open the hair cuticle) to speed up the removal process or using hot water (be careful!) to fade chemical hair colors. Bear in mind that color remover procedures used, professionally or naturally, will be doing a lot of damage to already damaged hair and will only fade rather than remove the color completely. To prevent more damage to colored hair, let your hair grow out or opt for a new hair cut or style instead.
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If you need to take a drug test stripping your hair isn't going to help!!!!
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With peroxide, which as you can imagine also strips it of all its natural oils and shine. So when you have your hair coloured it needs special attention after that, and conditioning treatments at a salon to keep it manageable. too much bleeching as it is called resultls in flyaway rough brittle hair that breaks easily.
If your hair is dark it will need to be stripped before being dyed
a lighter colour as otherwise it would not take.
Its difficult to cover a darker colour with a lighter one, so they hair colour must be removed and this is what stripping is.
Twice a year is considered the maximum that hair can tolerate, depending on your hair of course.
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I hope you are not trying to correct this at home ?
You MUST go to a professional ok ...
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I have dyed my hair black, and it is coming out, but I wont it to all come out and I wont to go back to my natural colour, but I don't no what to do, what is the safest way? I don't wont to damage my hair, but I wont all the dye out !!!
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Theres something you can get from a hairdressing wholesalers it costs about £7 a box but it is like any other hair dye you just put it on as normal and it does the work for you but you may need to do it more than once and whilst your there get a good conditioner because it dries your hair out!! X

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