I Have Recently Dyed My Hair Red. How Do I Keep The Colour From Fading?


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Red, especially bright unnatural shades of it, is one of the most difficult hair colors to maintain. There are many ways to keep the color fresh, but retouching is a must to keep it as red as possible. Aside from using hair products specially designed for colored hair, try rinsing your hair with Kool Aid after a wash. Also, after you have dyed your hair put about a teaspoon of the remaining dye in your bottle of conditioner. Thus every time you wash your hair and condition it, it will get a re-tint. Remember to keep your hair protected from direct sunlight.
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using kool aid will just put a layer of unwanted / unnatural color in a long run, and prevent a consistent color if you choose to keep / want a pretty / fun red color. As far as color in your conditioner...not the best idea. Although the ammonia content will probably go away real quick, you won't be getting the best job done from your conditioner by compromising the product. Go to your salon professional to maintain your color and use appropriate products to keep your color in. Remember..sunlight, tanning beds and florescent lights will affect your color. good luck.
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I hear (don't quote me on this) that darker colors of red will stay longer, and instead of getting drastic roots, you get a color that slowly fades into your original one.
And Redkin made specially for red hair dyes is perfect. Even using it on normal hair that is not dyed will cause it to turn slightly red.
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Use L'Oreals Colorist Collection tinted shampoos and conditioners. I "help" my reddish hair along by dying it and use the orange marigold tinted conditioner. It keeps my hair red and it never looks faded. I've been dying my hair for 10 yrs now and find this works perfectly!
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Cold water and stay away from shampoos like blue shield or head and shoulders.I've been a bottle red head for a while now I do re dye my hair almost every six weeks to keep it vibrant.. I also wash my hair every other day that seams to help.
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Use color protection shampoo and conditioner, also with serum which can help keep your hair color. It is impossible to prevent color fading, what you can do is just keep your color lasting longer time.

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You need to use a conditioner and shampoo that is especially for color-treated hair. Other shampoos & conditioners can strip the color.
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Red is the one color that's the hardest to keep from fading. So don't shampoo daily and try not to use a purifying shampoo often. I hope this helps!!!
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Hi I did an experiment on which shampoo for dyed hair keeps it from fading and herbal essences was the one that worked. So you should try it
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I just dyed my hair yesterday, and my hair stylist told me to use this shampoo and conditioner twice a week called Copper Elements. It's probably available at most salons.
I never dyed my hair. My guess is every six weeks. That's what my sister-in-law does. Good luck. Also read the box you buy it should tell you on it. Or ask a hairplace. Scobby-doo.

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