How Often Should You Wash Your Hair, If You Just Got A Perm?


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If you just have a perm you should wash (with shampoo) every two weeks and condition it every week. That way you wot be putting to much heat on your hair when you straighten it and it still looks good 6-8 weeks later when you get your next perm.

At first I washed my hair every other day like you were and it became dry and I had split ends and it didnt seem to do any good, then I tried it this way and my hair has gotten so much longer its me it works

also you should deep condition your hair every two weeks along with your perm
that will really keep your hair healthy and flowing and shining and thick and beautiful.
Try air drying instead of blow drying and straighten the day after that, this also keeps your hair growing, and instead of every night put (oil or grease or whatever product you put in your scalp) on your scalp every OTHER night instead of every night.
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I know that you shouldn't wash it for at least 24 hours. When I went to a school of cosmetology they told us that you shouldn't use shampoo on your hair every day. It dries out your hair by depleting it of natural oils that are produced by your scalp. Every other day is what I was recommended. But if you are an every day shower person like me, you can still condition your hair. I hope that helps.
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I got a perm such a long time a go and I take a shower abd I still have the perm... Hope this helps :)

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