How Long Do U Wait To Relax Your Hair After It Is Dyed?


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Hair Relaxing, or Lanthionisation, is a chemical process similar to straightening your hair. It aims to make the hair less frizzy or tangled, or to prolong straightness. It is quite a popular treatment amongst African-American girls because of their hair often being genetically frizzy.
Just like you don't wash your hair for a few days after having it dyed, you shouldn't have your hair relaxed for a minimum of two weeks after dyeing, if not a month or longer. If you hair is commonly dyed and relaxed, you should give it even longer recovery time, or consider a hot oil treatment to regenerate the lost moisture and nutrients in your hair.
The side effects of misuse or too early an application can be your hair falling out in large clumps from chemical overkill. Generally it's anything from hair breakage or hair thinning, through to the lack of hair growth, scalp irritation and scalp damage.
After receiving the treatment, you should keep your hair very moisturised, but not washing it too often; only once or twice a week. Over moisturising will compensate for the chemical impact.
You can use a no ammonia semi-permanent dye on your hair after a relaxer, but it isn't recommended. Going marginally lighter in colour isn't too damaging either, but the lighter you go the more peroxide it uses and the more damage is caused.
The best plan is to consult a professional stylist or hairdresser. They will know how to best get the results you want without causing excessive damage, and how to repair after treatments, should you choose to have your hair relaxed.
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I'm in cosmetology, you should wait at least two weeks before doing any type of chemical treatment on your hair after color.
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You can relax your hair 2 to 3 weeks after dying it but during that time use a good conditioner on your hair,....the best to you
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If you are talking about applying a chemical relaxer to color treated hair, I don't recommend you do that.
This can and usually does cause a chemical reaction in the hair and causes it to break off or totally break down the hair itself.
Have seen a few cases of baldness from women doing this.
See a professional stylist who specializes in relaxers.
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Anything up to 3 weeks or you can use a range from avlon which when you apply the relax stright after you could apply the colour but will have to an avlon range
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Well really your not supposed to get both done at once  wait a month or your hair WILL fall OUT

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