How Can I Braid Twist My Hair To Make It Curly?


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First apart your hair in four sections. Make french braids of it and then twist in a clockwise direction and tighten the hair and clip them. Keep the hair in such a condition the whole night and open the braids in the morning. Do not regularly practice it because it can be bad for hair.
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After you shower, put your hair in a pony tail in the middle of the back of your head (if you put to high or too low you get a dent). Then tightly twist the entire pony, all the way down, and very smoothly! Then, still tightly twisted, lay it on your head and clip/pin it so it stays nice and neat and tight. Let dry overnight. In the morning take out clips and careful pull out hair tie. Finger pick/pull apart curls.
Tip: Wear a silk bandana or scarf wrapped aroung head to avoid messing up the twist while sleeping!
They curls are pretty and spirally, basically like the initial "twist"
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Well this is what I do I do tiny tight braids all over my hair leave in for a couple of hours then when you take them out it makes it curly hope this helps

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