How Do I Bun In My Frizzy, Curly Hair?


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A little extra care and attention would help you manage your frizzy hair in a better way. First of all always apply an anti frizz lotion or a smoothing serum after washing your hair. Comb it evenly through your hair. Make a pony tail, preferable a high one and then start twisting the ends around it. This would result in a bun which you can put in place using a hair band or pins.
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Nowdays, most of women suffer from frizzy
hair. How to control frizz is the number one question we get asked in life.
Though frizz can never really be completely cured, but there are ways keep it
under control. Try these tips to keep the frizz free at bay.

Tip 1: Keep
your hair hydrated

Hydrated, healthy hair is much less likely to
frizz than the dry, damaged hair, so keeping your malaysian curly hair bundles hydrated its absolutely key.

Conditioner and intense moisture maskcan be
used to prevent your cheap bundles with frontal from frizzing, which will serve to repair any damage and then keep
hair hydrated and healthy.

Tip 2: Be
careful how you dry hair

Never to rub your hair vigorously with a
towel. Otherwise,it gives your hair another excuse to frizz. Instead, squeeze curly hair weave gently with a towel
and if you have time, leave it wrapped up for around 10minutes so the towel can
absorb as much of the water as possible.

Tip 3: The
tools of detangling hair

After washing,it's always recommened that use
a comb rather than a brush to detangle to minimise the risk. If your hair is
curly or coarse, using a wide toothed comb is recommended.

Boar bristle brushes may be expensive, but
they are incredibly soft and gentle on your locks. Worth purchasing for your

Tip 4: Cover
up your hair when it's drizzle or the mist

When it's drizzle or the mist, put on a great
looking hat to protect your hair locks or maybe pull your hair into a quick
up-do before you go out, then re-arrange on arrival.

Tip 5:
Smoothing treatments

Smoothing treatments leave your natural waves
and curls intact but remove the frizz to leave your hair manageable and silky


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I have naturally curly hair. First off, I do not wash my hair every day. I wash it every 2-3 days. After washing my hair, I run some curl cream or lotion (defrizzing cream works) through my hair with my hands, not brush or comb. I pull my hair up in a ponytail after it has dried a little. For a structured bun, twist the hair and secure with pins or bands. For a messy bun, I grab the hair at the bottom and push to the top. I then just grab the hair and kind of moosh it to the center. I put a band around it and stick the long pieces in when I'm in a hurry. I secure with bobby pins with I'm not rushing.

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