How Do You Twist Black Hair?


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The hair twist is also called as the two strand twists or double strand twists. The materials you will need to create the twists are your preferred type of hair products, a comb and a dryer if you want.

Firstly, dry your hair with a towel after washing and conditioning it. Then, apply some moisturiser. Afterwards part a section of hair depending on the thickness of the twist of you prefer. Apply the product, could be any kind of gel, over the section. Then, divide the section of hair into two further sections, and twist them around each other in the clockwise direction until the ends. Let there be around a quarter of an inch free at the end and using your finger twirl the ends to make them curly. Repeat the same procedure with the rest of the hair. Keep a spray bottle handy in case the hair turns dry.
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Section the hair into box braids and them twist them...make sure you have shea butter or a holding gel to keep the hair together so that it won't untwist :)

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