How To Get My Hair To Grow 5 Inches In A Week?


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Listen, its impossible to grow your hair out five inches in a week. If it was, we'd all be parading around with hair down to our feet.
If you want to grow your hair out at a decent speed, you have to encourage it too -
●Showering with shampoo to make your hair stronger,
●Buttering up your hair-line on your scalp in Vasaline (if it helps your eyebrows and eyelashes, it should help your hair)
●Let your hair Air Dry. Never use heating directly on your hair, it can shrivel up and roll away. Then you have no hair. Want that?
●Take a hair, skin and nails pill. They may work, they may not. There will be no harm in buying one, unless your too scarred to ask your mom to buy some, then take your friend down to the store and sneak a pack of them with you.
●Drink plenty of water 8-10 glasses a-day. Well heck, I don't know if it works.
●Do this plenty times a day: Throw your head over and let your hair dangle from your upside-down head. -_-
●Rub oil into your scalp as often as you remember..
●Rinse your hair with cool water, not hot, nor warm. Cool.
●Braid your hair. As said above, it promotes longer hair, within a couple months.
●A couple months is not far away.
●Do not brush your hair every like, four hours. Brush it only before you go to bed, because when you sleep your body repairs, it would be easy for it to help your brushed hair.
●Don't wear a hood over your head. It flattens it down and makes it yucky.
●You don't have to risk your hair by trimming it. People say it works, but we don't know for sure.

I have hair down to my chest, it looks gorgeous like Kim Kardashians.
If you do things that promote the encouragement of your hair's growth, it WILL grow. With patience.
I know we all want things Right Now, as soon as possible. Be lucky you don't have Chemo..
But anyways, in the future, don't get a short cut unless you want to BADLY, but if it looks horrible just Rinse&Repeat the steps above..
Love ✝enisha ¢lue
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Well one way you can grow your hair faster is
two teaspoons of olive oil
one teaspoon of honey
coconut oil
and half an avacado
crush the avacado till it is pretty much squished
mix all the other ingrediants
put avacado in the others and apply fron roots to end wait an hour wash in sink or shower wherever you wash your hair it really works
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Actually I have two ways:
1. Add 1 egg, a small amount of olive oil, and about two spoonfuls of honey together in a bowl...apply it and leave it in for about 20 can also add olive oil or aloe vera separately when desired

2. I know this sounds crazy but use horse shampoo and conditioner. It really works!!!! It does make the hair a little bit dryer than usual ,but is otherwise great!!!
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Put honey and skippy brand chunky penut butter all over your hair and wrap it in a hot towl for 1and a half hours and relax and watch tv or take a nap or something to relax you and then wash your hair out good with horse shampoo then apply alo vera to your scalp and massage it for like 15 mins and you hair will grow 1 inch evry 24 hours so basically evry day hope it helps
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Your hair grows from the roots, so massage your scalp for as long as possible! Also you can apply oil on your hair and wrap it up in a hot towel, wash your hair after about 2 hours. Another thing is to apply conditioner all over your hair and leave it in all day, wash your hair after atleast 4 hours.
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Well if you want your hair curly and long hair then use Kms curl up curling balm it increases curls and waves instantly and to make your hair longer wash your hair shampoo it put olive oil on it then grease your scalp with Vasoline and leave it in 4 about an hour or more if you wud like den rinse it off do this every other day and your hair will grow!!!!
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Yeah it pretty impossible but try natural coconut meat and grate it and squeeze all the juice out of the meat and apply and stay in the sun for about 10-20 mins and come inside and leave it for an hour and then rinse your hair but don't put shampoo and that just rinse and when you apply the juice tie your hair up really helps.... Do it every week :)

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Mix mustard powder, egg, cinnamon, olive oil, and hot water, apply to scalp and leave on for a half hour. Then, wash your hair (shampoo twice) with shampoo and conditioner.

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Your hair won' grow 5 inches long in a week naturally. But you can realize your aim by wearing hair extensions. Your hair will be as long as  you wish. Those celebrities often change their hair length in a very short time. There are different kinds of hair extensions and the easiest way is clip in hair extensions. Clip in hair extensions are easy to apply and remove.

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First thing it is sooo... Damn impossible to grow hair so fast but yeah try applying hair oil everyday in small amounts also heat the oil n start tapping at the centre of your hair ...  Also put coconut milk on your hair everyday and give a slight rinse ... This will take  4-5 months yeah 1 more thing I know you'll hate it but drink carrot juice daily
I really don't think there is any way that hair would grow 5 inches in a week it could grow about an inch in a month for that you will have to oil your hair every alternate day.  After oiling your hair tie it up with a warm towel and have a bath after about an hour of so, this would be useful and would help in the growth of the hair.

In case you urgently want long hair go for a wig or hair extensions.
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Sorry it impossible, the average hair growth per month is 1/2 - 1 per month. Or you can put extension in your hair so your hair is longer

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