How Do I Cut Layers Into My Naturally Curly Long Hair?


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Rachel Duncan answered
Go to a stylist. I don't know how to do it myself, but I just had my hair cut short. I have very wavy full hair, and she did it perfect with the layers. If she had not put the layers in my hair would have looked like a bell on top of my head. You can see the pictures of my hair and how it looks cut short with the layers at bakedblog.comm
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Aisha answered
Its really very difficult for an ordinary person to manage the layering of curly hair. I hope your husband can manage it. Here is a link to a video where they are showing how to cut curly hair into layers:
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Good luck I would just wait until you can go get it cut if its thick and curly you could get it shaved out most asian stylist do this and they can add layers as the use a razor blade to thin it. I have really thick fine curly-wavy hair. I do it once a year or so I chop it off and start over right before summer.

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