Should I wear my hair straight or curly for my bro's graduation? Majority rules!


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Long hair looks really pretty curly and short hair looks pretty straight as long as it is not flat and sticks to your head. So I think you should do curly.
savannah seymour Profile your hair long or short? If short, I would go with curly, if its longer, straight would look good with a little head band. Unless you have short hair that's longer in the front, then shorter in the back. You should always go straight with that type of hair.
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Spike it and dye it purple that way he will know where you at -at all times. : ) and he will never forget.
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Eg GI'mnottellinganyone
That's actually a really good idea but my hair's too dark to be dyed purple
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I think a streak would be noticable, a really pretty purple streak in your black or super dark brown hair :)
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Honestly it should always depend upon what else you're working with; both can be attractive or horrid!  In addition to length, color, texture, and whatever chemicals you normally put into it, you also have the curve of your face, the way in which you carry your head, and, to some degree, your selected attire.

I would have to recommend based upon what you're "going for".

If you're going for nice, simple, and elegant - go for straight.
If you're going for sophisticated and vibrant - go for curly.

If you're simply looking for a vote: I arbitrarily vote for curly.

Have fun!
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There are a lot of different opinions...if it's long then I think you should curl it a little at the ends for a really pretty effect...
But I also say: If your hair is normally straight then I think you should curl it, if it's normally curly then I think you should straighten it. Like a small little surprise-difference for your brother's special graduation. That's all.
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Curly. It Looks Fancy
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Dye it pink, trim it, curl it CRAAAAZZY, put 10 reeeeally cute purple bows in it, and wear a matching necklace =) loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.

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