When I Put Clip In Extensions In My Hair And Then In To A Ponytail, How Do I Make My Natural Pony Tail?


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Pull half of your hair up , then clip them in normally
then lift it up quite high, then put the bobble in so really same as usual just make it higher + if you want to make it more natural twist your normal hair with your extensions , and it will blend in but if that doesn't happen then brush them but if they still don't look natural get them properly died so its same colour as your hair (: X
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To blend it in... Go to the hair dresses with your extensions in and ask them to cut them to blend it in with your hair so say they will prob put layers in your extensions and just ask them to not cut your hair, then when you go to put it in a pony tail it all looks layered and ment to be diffrent lenths... Hope this helped =)
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The ponytail is the hairstyle of day and as well as of evening. Its location depends upon your choice. You can place it in the middle of head or you can put it on the back of neck according to your will.  There are different ways of making ponytails. T make ponytail, visit Ponytail 1
Ponytail 2
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I'm having the exact same problem, but you can also buy hair extensions that are already in a ponytail and the clip just goes on your head, and you have a long ponytail =] hope this helped you

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