How Do You Plait Your Hair?


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First you have 2 know how 2 do simple plaiting. (1). First, brush your hair and get all the knots and tangles out of your hair. (2) separate 3 strands of hair from different places e.g left, right, back (3) bring the right hand side one 2 cross with the middle one then bring the left one where the right one was keep repeating these steps and then when your at the end, tie it with a bobbin or elastic. P.s if you did all of this, go onto the next step its not called plaiting on top of your head, its called French Plait. Once you've mastered them both, go onto spainish plaiting. It takes great skill to do these step but I am sure you will master like me.
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This really helped me, I'm 12 years old and I only know how to do a bun and pony tail :) Yay now I can have different styles
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1) Split your hair into 3 sections. Label them 1 (the one on the left), 2 (the one in the middle)and 3 (the one on the right).
2) Cross section 1 over number 2 and tighten.
3) Cross section 3 over section 1, which is now in the middle and tighten.
4) Continue crossing left over middle, then right over middle, until your plait is complete.
5) Tie the bottom with a hair band. Taa-daa!

The sections should look like this as the plait progresses:
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What you do you get 3 bits of hair you put one in the middle then the next one and the next one
and do it till it stops
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Well yano I just kinda do it

123 and done.

But if your ginger then it doesnt work as well
but hey I hope I help x
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Plaiting hair is a good and easy way of maintaining long hair and keeping them in shape. You can view the easy steps of plaiting hair on the link below.
Hair plaiting

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