How To Tame Unruly Thick Curly Hair?


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Believe it or not, there are many people who'd like to have your hair!!

You cannot really 'tame' thick wavy hair, you just have to work with it...for starters, the shampoos that are made for curly or frizzy hair could help it 'lay' better, but you want to make sure you are using the conditioners for curly hair that go with also want to try to find a style that will work WITH the waviness of your hair, and not against it...if you wear your hair past your jawline, close to your shoulders, the 'weight' of the hair will help to control it, but of course, along with the use of the shampoo/conditioner I've mentioned.....if you want to wear it short, the waves would, obviously, show up also have to remember to take into consideration your weight and height, as these are things that can help you determine the best style for your hair; if you were, for example, petite, say, under 5'5", a longer style drags you down!!! Please feel free to email me with your ht. & wt., & I can help you further...looking forward to hearing from you soon!! OH by the way, I'm a retired makeup artist/hairdresser and always glad to help!!!!!
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Thanks Luv!

I have been wearing a more layered cut since I was 16 (WOW!  31 years!  Geez, where did the time go?), which I find works really well for me.  The young lady who now cares for my hair also texturizes it using either the scissor or a razor or she "thins" it using a thinning shear.  You must be VERY careful when allowing people to thin your daughter's hair being sure that they have experience not only with the thinning process, but also with her type of hair, and please, don't allow them to take off too much of her beautiful hair!!
Does her hair grow very quickly?  I know mine does and the hotter it gets the faster it seems to grow!  When I still lived in New Jersey (22 years ago) my girlfriend used to trim my hair every two weeks; she couldn't believe that my hair actually grew that fast!  I also colored my hair a few years back with a red tone (I always loved redheads!) and had to have it touched up every 3 weeks!  What a bummer!!!  That was before my MS really kicked in, but I just didn't have that much time to spend sitting in a salon; there were too many things to do, too many Girls Scouts to drive around to events and too many dinners to cook, so I stopped coloring my hair. And I'm happier and have more money in MY wallet!! That was a simple solution, huh? 
Well, I've taken up enough of your time this morning!  The best of luck to you both and please give me a "shout" to let me know what you two decide to do. 
Your friend,

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Hi PooKds,

As one who grew up with (and still has) that type of coarse, thick, curly, wavy, and VERY long hair (until recently it was usually at least waist-length or below my butt and at times could be found mid-thigh or knee length) I ask WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT?

Oh, please excuse me I just haven't been myself lately. OK then, now that THAT outburst is out of our way we can move on more rationally.

I tried everything while I was growing up, including washing my hair as often as every day, drying it completely using a hand-held hair dryer (I killed 3 hair dryers in one day before deciding it wasn't worth it, at the goading of my beloved Grandmother), ironing my hair with waxed paper over and a damp towel under it (now I'm really aging myself, aren't I? LOL).

None of the entirely too many peripheral products available today were on the market in the early 1970s, and nothing worked for me anyway, so why waste the money? It was and is still a lot of work having such beautiful, thick hair; all my friends and some of my relatives were quite envious, but I don’t think they realized that (when my hair was VERY long) it took two days to dry if left to its own devices, and about 90 minutes to dry using a hand-held hair dryer (making for some really sore arms!). Honestly, it was I who sometimes envied those friends and relatives who had hair that dried in less than five minutes using a hair dryer. Stinkers!!

When I was younger I had some success gathering my wet or still-damp hair before going to bed at night either in a bun-type thing or braids (which would leave my hair quite wavy in the morning) and as I got older I used to put my hair into a French braid for either day or night wear, which worked out great when it was still wet.

The only thing I found that really worked for me was washing my hair LESS OFTEN! I found that the natural oils (good for your scalp and your hair) actually helped improve the condition of my hair and I found that the less frequently I washed my hair, the "straighter", longer and healthier it was.
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That's a tough one. The best thing to do is make sure to wash it frequently because when stuff gets in there it is very hard to get it out. Make sure to brush all the way through every time after cleaning too. There is really not much to do after that except keeping it up in dirty places in braids preferably!
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You can go to a salon and have them chemically straighten it
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There are a lot of products out there but there are two that will make your daughter hair look good. Conair Infiniti Nano Silver Straightener and Infiniti Bristle Brush are the best your hair will look like a professional.

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