My Hair Is Naturally Curly. How Do I Keep It That Way?


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Well I think everyone would like to shower and go to bed with wet hair and have it look pretty in the morning it's not always that easy. But lets see what solutions we have.
If after your shampoo and conditioner you find that your hair curls in an even consistent manner even through drying then that's pretty good.
There are wonderful products available to us that assist in controlling and managing this look.
Products that volumize the hair from the roots adding great body. BE curly products that promote curl and moisture control. Any be curly product that is light weight not sticky.
Lastly, hairdryers with attachments that dry the hair without taking the curl out, actually it encourages curl.
After all of this if in the morning you can brush through and have a coincident curl that delights you wonderful Then just spray with something that states it will come through well/Go Girl be beautiful
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1. Pigtails

2. Twirl the pigtails

3. Tie it off

4. Straighten the twirls

5. Leave to cool still tied up

6. Once cooled undo twirls

7. Run fingers through hair

8. Hope you like

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You can put in ringlet. It is a very nice product that keeps your curls. GOOD LUCK!!!
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I use a diffuser when letting my natural hair (curly) dry. Most important keep it simple on the products so they do not weigh your locks down. I prefer garnier curling pomade its like a thick wax but a very little goes a long way. Then a shine booster sparingly for boost.
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Hello, here's some step to keep your hair natural curly.

Step 1:
Shampoo less frequently

Curly hair doesn’t require cleansing every
day. Wash your brazilian curly remy hair extensions every other day or a few times a week. A conditioning shampoo is
a must for extremely dry tresses.

Step 2: Sulfate-free

If you notice that your shampoo always makes cheap brazilian hair extensions extra
dry, you can switch to a shampoo that doesn’t have sulphate as an ingredient,
which will keep your curls hydrated.

Step 3:
Treat with a mask

Mask for curly hair is one of most effictive
products. Mask should be left in for at least 15 minutes after shampooing.
Accentuate the deep-moisture effects by leaving the product in your locks for
an hour in a shower cap. Use up to two times per week.

Step 4:
Change your styling habits

It's best that trimming your hair every six
to eight weeks. If your good quality virgin human hair bundles ends are frayed
and dry, let's your stylist trim a few inches for ultimate hair health. Also,
do not use heated styling tools until your hair is restored back to normal.

Step 5: Use
cold water to rinse off one last time in the shower

This seals the hair cuticles & decreases

Step 6. Trim
your ends every couple of months

I usually do this to retain its length.
Remember to use a special scissor for hair, which will reduce split ends &
increase healthy hair growth.

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My hair is naturally curly, and by doing any of these things it still becomes a big puff ball in the morning. How can I keep them looking "wet" and not become all frizzy and puffy in the morning and through out the day?
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I use setting lotion and it works great you shoould try it, as soon as you get out the shower make sure your hair is damp and then put the setting lotion. It works. It holds your look for long time, for dayss actually :)
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I have the same problem with my hair too. I find it easier to shower in the morning instead of at night because it keeps the curls fresh and not messy but if you don't want to when showering at night I put my hair in a ponytail and then wrap it up in a bun. When you wake up just take it down and your curls aren't messy (although it honestly looks better if you shower in the morning). The product I use is Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioning cream Sleek & Shine for frizzy, dry and unmangable hair. Just use a little of it though (nickel size). It works well.

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