What Are Some Good Styles For VERY Thick Hair?


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Please don't chop it off! I had really long thick hair and I cut it short. I regret it every day. I count the days until it will grow back. Is it curly or straight? If it is straight, you should go get layers put in it. They look good and it takes a lot of weight off. If you don't want to cut it, you can go in and ask them to thin it out. Don't get frustrated, there are plenty of options.
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Try to use different shampoo and conditioners than you well find just the write for your hair
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I found this really helpful web site during my research, which includes many hair styles / tips for thick hair, supported by pictures etc. Please visit the following web page.
Hair styles
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If you do not want to keep it thick, consider getting it "thinned" using chemicals. Or, if you do not like it thick, have it Japanese Straightened.
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I have very dense hair and always have it cut short, actually. Mainly because my face long face looks great with shorter hair, but the maintenance is also a lot less. I guess it must vary from person to person, though, seeing the response above!
I have a longer version of a pixie haircut. The hair is layered all over with the bangs kept above the eyebrows. Then the ends are strongly textured with a razor to create a flirty wispiness. They, of course, thinned it out first with the special scissors.

No idea if this would work for you though- but I love it! (especially since my hair is so thick, it's volume is natural and I don't need any products or blow-drying.)
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Yes same problem here,and the person above me,your hair sounds amazing:p may i see a pic,you sound like u have what i want

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