How Can I Lighten The Hair Dye On My Clip-in Hair Extensions? I Dyed It Too Dark And I Would Like To Make It Lighter. Do Purell Shampoo Or Dish Washing Soap Work On Hair Extensions Also?


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Reno Greer Profile
Reno Greer answered
Your hair extensions should be cared for with professional shampoos and conditioners. You can lighten the hair on your extensions, but I would recommend a professional cosmetologist do this for you, as it depends on the quality of the hair extensions as to how well they might withstand bleach. You may end up damaging them if you try to do this yourself.
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Sharon Pamela , hair expert, answered

I also
suggest you take to help of professional. Looking
after your hair extensions is a full time job. You have to treat them as you
treat your natural hairs. You can wash multiple time after dye. Make sure to
use conditioner. You can take them in sun as you know sun is the best hair
lightener. You can also lighten the color using a color remover. You can also
try baking soda. I hope something from these gone help you.

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