I Have Shoulder Length, Very Fine, Thin, Dry And Brittle Hair. I'm Having Dandruff And My Hair Is Getting Thinner Everyday. I Want To Have Long Shiny Hair. What Is The Best Way To Achieve That?


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In response to your question regarding dry hair structure,  I would like to recommend you that you should only use medicated shampoo and avoid using chemical based shampoo. Because such products tend to harm your hair rather than to give them life.

For a healthy and shiny look, try to avoid using cheap quality products because using these products is as harmful as pesticides to crops. Weekly oil your hair and use a branded moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Using a good quality conditioner is better as it will not only prevent any more damage but it will also help to make your hair healthy. Always buy a shampoo according to your hair type I-e oily, dry etc.

When you wash your hair avoid using hair dryer. For dandruff, I recommend you to use coconut oil as it will reduce dandruff in your hair. Other than that, you should use different types of hair oils available in the market but you should analyse their performance on your hair for at least two weeks. As I have mentioned before, that dandruff can be one of the biggest problem in damaging your hair so if your condition persists then you should visit your doctor or skin specialist as soon as possible.
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I suggest you use Profectiv Mega Growth Leave-In Daily Strengthener. It comes in a fifteen ounce jar. This a quick fix to hair breakage even at severe states. It helped my hair after being dry and brittle from surgery. It is to be applied throughout the hair daily. Target the areas where you see breakage happening and your healthy hairs so they won't begin to do the same. My hair was breaking in the middle of my strands. Now, all I get is shedding. It works because it's primarily protein. You can purchase this product anywhere. I got mine from Wal-Mart. I want your problem to be solved as quickly as possible, that's why I recommended this. I wish you the best of luck!
BEN GREGO answered
I am a retired hairdresser and makeup artist. So first I'd have to know if you know the cause of the breakage;....

But in general, I'd say to get it cut as short as you can and then go from there....Do you have any health issues going on in your life right now?  That can play a huge part in the health of your hair!!

Mayo and eggs (the yolks, not the whites!!) are good for the hair, but you need to find out the cause of all this...and don't use them both at the same time!.....you may want to try some of the newer protein hair treatments...

When you use the mayo, make sure it's when your hair needs to be shampooed; apply some and comb it thru with a wide tooth comb.....it's really good to wrap your hair in a towel, slightly damp, that has been heated a little in the microwave; wrap the towel around your hair, then put a plastic bag over it to keep the heat in for a while...try to keep your hair/scalp warm for at least 10 mins; just keep rehearing the towel; better yet, have one ready to heat in the microwave when you remove the first one! When you are thru, then just shampoo as you usually do.....and use shampoos made for DRY HAIR....try the new moroccan oil, or argon oil, shampoos and conditioners...I have coarse gray hair and found they are great!

Egg yolks are great for the hair; you have to be really careful when rinsing; too hot water and you'll have scrambled eggs! 

I would suggest staying with the mayo and some type of protein conditioner.....the leave-in kind...can't think of any brands right off the top of my head, but they usually come in a jar and are a nice consistency; not runny...

Hope this helps!

And PLEASE feel free to stay in touch and let me know how you are coming along with your hair care! Look forward to hearing from you!!!!!
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Medicated shampoos for dandruff are not really a solution because after
you start using them, you'll have to use them basically all the time.
Try something natural, for normal hair and normal ph. :ayurvedic formulas, for sensitive skin, baby shampoos.

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I would recommend using apple cider vinegar to help you moisturize your dry hair and it also works well against dandruff.

apple cider vinegar will clean your hair follicles and improve the overall health of your hair and scalp [1].

Additionally, ACV has antifungal and antibacterial properties that kill the fungus on your scalp that is causing your dandruff.

You can read more about the best types of apple cider vinegar against dandruff, that is also good for a healthy hair and scalp. I'd suggest also additional home remedies such as natural oils (Jojoba oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, etc.)

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It sounds as if there is a problem with your diet or lifestyle, if you hair is brittle and getting thinner. If it's really thinning fast, you should see a doctor. Also, if you are colouring it, it would be better to stop until your hair is healthier.

More generally, a varied diet with lots of fruit and vegetables will have a good effect on both hair and skin. An anti-dandruff shampoo like Head and Shoulders is recommended, and you should give your scalp a really good massage with your fingers each time you wash your hair. Some people recommend an egg yolk mixed with the shampoo, but I have doubts about this.

What I would especially recommend is: treat yourself to a visit to a really good hairdresser, the best you can afford, and get them to advise you further - I know there are websites dedicated to hair care, but a good hairdresser can just look at your hair and know what it needs. Good luck.
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Straightening irons, curling tongs etc all could contribute to the thinning of your hair. Dandruff is in fact caused by improper removal of a product. Product build up in the hair eventually turns to dandruff if not removed properly. I recommend you wash your hair thoroughly. There are several influencing factors that could contribute to how your hair is, this could be harsh brushing, weather, or could even be heritage.

Another thing you could do is change shampoo as you may not be using the one most suitable. However be aware not to change your shampoo too much as the result could get worse.

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