I have fine hair but a lot of it. It is extremely hard to manage and any hairstyles i search up I cannot do. There is a piece of hair that is near my face that is like a tuft of hair and very bad. What can I do to make my hair pretty?


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Kat Kitty Kat , Hi it's me!!!!, answered

Maybe use hair spray or put extra conditioner

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Kelvin Yong answered

Hey, I'm not a girl but I have a friend who had this same problem as you before so I can kind of get what you are experiencing. I have some ways here to make your hair stay pretty:

- Use a shampoo that suits your hair style (if possible, use a shampoo that has natural ingredients than harmful chemicals)

- Wash your hair with hot water, then right after splash cold water on your hair.

- Try not to comb your hair while it's wet, dry or semi-dry your hair first before combing.

- Use a proper hair conditioning treatment. Now I recommend not to rinse off all your conditioning from your hair once applied, instead keep some of them behind which smoothens the outer surface of your strands, making your hair look pretty!

- If you want, you can go for a hot oil treatment weekly.

Anyways, I managed to find something which helped my friend to maintain her pretty hair. The great thing is it also helps in other areas like your skin: Beautiful Hair / Skin

I hope this helps!

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