Is There Any Cure For Greying Hairs?


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Greying of hairs is a natural phenomenon that was earlier related directly to ageing. I say earlier because today greying of hair is not related only to ageing, but to a number of factors. These include environmental factors such as pollution, health problems such as overwork, stress, and high blood pressure, etc.

Earlier, there were no officially recognized cures, though there were herbal treatments available. Many people took to dyeing their hair in an attempt to hide the whites and the greys amid the natural black hair.

However, nowadays there are quite a few natural cures being claimed. One of these is the use of backstrap molasses. You can use these and see the effects after a few weeks. However there have been people for whom this remedy has not worked.

Besides this, there are other natural methods of reducing grey hair as well. These include using the Amla fruit , bee pollen, supplements of zinc and copper, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide inhalation, and a range of other such treatments.
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There isn't really any cure for greying hair .
I think that it's good to grow grey gracefully as greying hair can be beautiful.
Many people start to go grey when they are quite young for a variety of reasons and stress can play it's part.
A lot of people have high and lowlights which help to disguise some of the grey whilst others dye their hair completely. Dying hair can lead to a lot of problems such as dry scalp and it needs to be done on a very regular basis or there's a problem with roots and re-growth.
Some people think that grey hair is ageing and although this can be true it can also look amazing.The trick is to have a very good cut and show the grey off to fine advantage. Don't try to hide it- flaunt it!
Many hairdressers now think it's an advantage to just good grey without resorting to potions and dyes.
I love grey hair and think it can look great if it's well looked after and well cut . Wear it with pride!
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shave the lot off and have fun!
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Greying hairs is really bad thing, it downs the personality and make us look much older than actuality we are. People consume tablets, tonivs and capsules to get rid of it. But does it really work??

What I personally think is that we all must use and opt to natural and herbal products to deal with this. As amla and aloe vera is considerd best for any hair related problem, therefore, you must go for it.

Check and drink the Aloe Vera Juice  for any health related problems.

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Equal parts of honey, borax, ripe blackberries and prune juice applied daily for one hour. rub in well.
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Blackstrap molasses works well if it is mixed with a 50% mix of ripe blackberries. it takes at least one application a week for two months.

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