How Can I Improve The Thickness Of My Hair? The Strands Are Thin And Weak.


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Use chi silk infusion before you use a dryer or a straightener it will help protect it from heat damage. It is also better to wash you hair with cold water rather than hot.
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Relaxers can be very harsh on the hair and really should only be applied by a professional and/or someone who has experience. Unless your hair is wirery I wouldn't use them at all. Sounds like your hair probably is over-processed. I've been in the business since '84 and suggest that you go to a health food store or GNC and buy some hair care vitamins. You don't have to buy the most expensive brand. Most brands have the exact same ingredients. Their is a brand simply called "hair care vitamins". They work as well as any. Do not use extra body shampoos,for fine hair or baby shampoo. Baby shampoo is PH'd to the same acidic level of your eyes, thus, the "no more tears for baby". It is a 14 on the acid scale, unless they have changed it in the last few years.
Your hair is between 4.5 & 5.5. Your hair doesn't get that dirty. You could mop your floors with some extra body shampoos. They are very strong. What they do is strip the hair of its natural moisture and swell the cuticle, making the hair look thicker but they actually make your hair dry and brittle, will increase oil production on your scalp and dry out the hair shaft. Regular conditioners actually do little for the repair of hair. They smooth the hair but it is like putting on a bandaid. They just cover the problem a little but doesn't actually repair it. Hot oil treatments once a week will help some. Buying the right shampoo is much more important than the kind of conditioner you use. And yes, trim the ends about every six to eight weeks and lay off the blowdryer. I suggest a shampoo for "normal hair ". Something creamy that you can't see thru. L'oreal brand is good.You can also get the one for chemically treated "colored, etc." it will add moisture. The hair care vitamins are the most important thing you can do. They will make your hair grow faster and healthier from the inside out. Also, cutting a few long layers in will help to rid some of the damage and give your hair some style. If you must have your hair relaxed make sure that the relaxer is applied"only to the New Growth". Not on what has already been chemically treated. Some relaxers are so strong that if not applied properly and for the right amount of time they can actually "Dissolve" your hair.
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WOW, Tam...! Thank you. This was very helpful for me too. Thank you for taking the time to answer this so thoroughly. Very, very helpful. I am not relaxing my hair, but what you gave here is good for anyone. GBY!
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You can make them strong and thick by using good conditioners and deep conditioning treatments. These will help your hair grown longer and healthy. Frequent trims can also help keep you hair healthy.
Don't do blow drying, curling rather try products like Nioxin. Or before styling, use KMS's Volume cream products. They seem to work really well.

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