Will The Shampoo, Mane And Tail Really Make Your Hair Grow Longer?


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Hair breaking and falling - the bane of all women who want to keep every single strand of hair they have on their heads where it belongs! I know it annoys me every time I see the strands of hair that chose to accompany my hairbrush, instead of stay on my head. Dry, brittle hair breaks very easily. If the hair is not nourished and moisturized as it grows, the ends grow thinner and split off from the main shaft. A hairstylist will tell you that you should cut/trim your hair every six weeks. But if you want to grow hair, then you need the centimeter or so of monthly growth to add up before it starts getting snipped off. That said, if your ends are breaking because of bad hair health, cut it back until you reach healthier hair further up the strand.

For healthy hair, the total hair care package becomes important. On a holistic level, a good diet is essential to nourishing all parts of your body, including your hair follicles. I’ve had times of increased hair loss, when I was under a lot of stress and also when I travelled a lot on work. By setting other areas of health right, my hair responded well too. The next step is choosing the right hair products. Use moisturizing shampoos and always use a conditioner. There are products marketed for dry and damaged hair, and this is always a good aisle to start shopping in. Using natural oils on your scalp and hair allows the hair to soak in moisture and increase tensile strength. I leave oil (olive or coconut) in my hair for an hour before shampooing it off. Others suggest keeping an application of oil on overnight at least once a week. Ultimately, hair loss through breaking or falling can be arrested, with the right hair care regimen for your hair and your convenience.
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I recently cut my hair to my collar bone,(I'd say 3 weeks ago) I started to use JUST the Mane & Tail conditioner twice a week for the past 2 weeks and my hair is already an inch past where I cut it,and it is also VERY silky now whereas before it was dry and rigid from extensive dying.It brings out my natural highlights and makes it shiny and lustrous.I hope I helped!
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I have used mane and tail for over 6 months, I love it! My hair has grown a lot!
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Probably it help only 45%
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I don't always see and read what I believe what I would do is if you do not have a steady beautician you need to get one because maintaining your hair is good. They will give you the right options for your hair and products that they mite offer at there salon good luck and have fun at the wedding!!!!
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I have heard it too but in my opinion, you should try egg and yogurt. I have done it with my hair and they will grow longer in a relatively smaller period of time. But I don't think with a short period like you mentioned, they will grow such long.
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Well I've tried this product it's pretty good but it doesn't make your hair look like beyonce but it's a nice product
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NO it won't. All it does it makes the hair healthy so it is strong and grows without breaking off.
Not even yoghurt and eggs will make it grow faster..

Stimulation to the scalp is the only thing that will make hair grow faster.
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I used it long time again was okay i went to school for cosmo and Minoxidil is proven to make your hair grow but its more for people who has hair lose. Stimulating the scalp is a false it doesn't make your hair grow faster it just feels good that's it

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