How Can I Stop The Hair From Growing On My Upper Lip And On The Chin? Threading Makes Them Grow Thick And Waxing Loosens The Skin. Is There Anything That Can Remove It For Ever?


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OK well I'm 15yrs old and I had the same problem, my mom started me off with depilatory cream (you can purchase under $10 at any drug store) and that worked very well as a temporary solution...I had to do it twice a week, but it depending on how thick and long your hair is...but I went to my dermatologist and had laser hair removal, but because I had very thick hair and my skin color was very dark the results werent as prominent and I still have to use the depilatory cream once a month....which is better than twice a week!
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Take half spoon of turmeric powder and mix some fresh lemon juice...Apply the paste all Over the face..This works great..Trust me..This also helps to improve your skin complexion
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Try laser hair removal but discuss it with specialist is apage that discusses this from the mayo clinc . Hope this helps with your questions.
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Best bet is laser hair removal. That's permanent, I believe.
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There are some options. But mostly once they grow in , you have to deal with them. You can get electrolysis to get rid of the ones that are there. And possibly take medicine to prevent new growth. First you should get tested to see if you have the right balance of estrogen and testosterone. Sometimes the hair growth can mean you have ovarian poly-cystic disease. But most of the times it is just a hormonal imbalance that can be treated with low dose birth control pills. A good endocrinologist can tell you which.How to lose double chin? There are plenty of home remedies that helps you to lose face fat and double chin remedies.

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