I Have A Relatively Short Inverted Stacked Bob. I Have Kinda Thick Hair And Its Dyed Platinum Blonde. I Have Always Separated My Hair And Then Blow-dryed Following The Straightner. Is There A Better Way To Do It?


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I am going to try and help you  and try to understand what you wrote. With your type of hair and style,before you blow dry you need to put a product on your hair that contains a little oil in the ingredients and those products are usually called pomades or on the front of the bottle it will say to help straighten hair. Put a small amount into the hair and that will seal the hair cuticle so it will straighten the hair better and the hair won't be fuzzy. Do a off center or side part on what ever side and blow dry the hair in sections if that is easier for you. To dry in sections you would start in the back by clipping up all the hair and leaving small sections in back, and after that section is dry let down two more sections to dry, continue to the front and let it all down and dry it. Before you use your straighter put a little more of the product on the hair, not to much because you can make your hair greasy, and then straighten it styling it to the side and your sides of your hair going straight down. I hope you understand that. Good luck.

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