How Do You Get Rid Of White Hair?


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White hair is hair grown without pigment or melanin.Once the white hair grows showing no sign of melanin, the only thing that can be done is to artificially color the hair with permanent hair color.
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Most gray hair is more coarse than regular hair, so it doesn't always except color very well. If you color your own hair their are a couple of things to know when covering gray. One is, coloring it the same color as your hair used to be if it was dark to begin with. This usually ends up looking harsh and not very natural looking. The second is not knowing what pigment base is in the product you purchase. For instance, if you put an ash brown color on gray or blonde, it will leave a greenish tone to the hair. If you use an ashe blonde you will have a charcoal gray look to the hair. Considering the overall color of your hair is also important. A safe color would be something in a light "Golden brown or a dark to medium golden blonde.Over Slightly gray, you would have highlights that look like the sun has lightened your hair. Over 50% or more gray, you would end up with mostly golden blonde hair if you used the golden blonde color. Dark blonde if you used the light golden brown. But remember, the hair that is not gray will be lightened by at least two shades also. ie; brown hair would become redish brown, light brown would become dark blonde. Their is a lot more to coloring hair than picking a color you like and applying it to the hair.
They do make color that is especially designed to just cover the gray and leave your natural color as it is.
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White heads are actually caused due to the accumulation of dust and oils in the pores of the skin. They look like tiny and pearly white raised spots. The most common areas where white heads are found are just above the cheekbone, nose or anywhere else with fine skin. Thus it can also be considered as a skin problem if it occurs in excess. There are ways to get rid of white heads but remember that they should never be forced out because it would cause harm and damage to your skin tissues and the texture of your skin. It can also cause infections of different kinds.

You can solve this problem to an extent by external measures such as including sufficient fruits and vegetables in your diet, drinking a lot of water and fresh juices and regularly cleaning your face with warm water with a dash of lemon juice. There are many creams and lotion sin the market which claim that they would be helpful in getting rid of white heads but it better to be wary and cautious while using such products.

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