I Have Very Thick Wavy Hair. What Is The Best Hair Cut For Me?


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A medium length hair cut is best for people with thick wavy hair.  These haircuts are free-flowing and more importantly easy-going.  There are also lots of different cuts and styles which suit this type of hair as it has a lot of natural texture and volume.

Thick wavy hair grows differently from one person to the next and as it grows it develops it's own shape.  This will obviously impact the exact style you will choose, but the premise remains the same.

Casual medium hairstyles are quick and easy to create, and with it being a medium length cut, this will let you tie your hair back if it gets in your way, and it also enables you to wear it up for a formal occasion.

Another reason to go for a medium length cut is that it will feel very soft around the face enabling you to have a style whereby the hair can cross your forehead in a sweep, and it will feel comfortable rather than annoying.

Adding layers to the hair will make you stand out in a crowd, not only this but layers are also very flattering.

Also with medium styles, there is less length meaning less weight, allowing the hair to bounce into shape easily.  They are also easy to adapt to the newest fashions.

Medium styles are manageable and one of the best ways to maintain this style is by maintaining the layers, also look for products that can boost your hair and make sure you have your hair trimmed at least once to twice a month to avoid split-ends causing more damage to your hair.
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Hi Guys, I too have long thick wavy hair.
I have found the use of thinning scissors and layering makes my hair type much worse. Puffy, frizzy, split ends and takes years to grow back.
Keep it longer (past shoulders) with minimal or no layers. This will weigh the hair down and prevent some puffiness. On towel dried hair use a frizz calming product or straightening balm. For the wavy look use a curl defining mousse or balm on towel dried hair. Comb through initially then run your fingers through to separate/loosen up and let dry naturally.
I wash my hair twice a week only with lighter shampoo/deeper moisturising conditioner and rarely blow dry- keeping natural oils to help prevent frizz. Hope this helps.
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Get a  hair cut with layers around you face. Many people prefer a face framing with side swept band, which I recommend. Instead of trying to straighten you hair like most people do, compliment your wavy hair with some moose. It will make your waves bolder. Since you have thick hair, go for a strong holding moose. Now, if you have a round face, get a shoulder length cut or longer. But try not to go any shorter than 2 inches below you chin. Yes, it would be easy to manage, but cutting it short will make you face look even thicker round. If you have a long face, try not to go any longer than 3 inches below your shoulder. But once again, I personally recommend a shoulder length cut. Hope this information was helpful!
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I have very thick, very long and very wavy hair, just like yours. I totally get what you mean about non-puffy, low-maintenance haircuts ; I'm all about that. One thing I can tell you, at least for my hair type, is DO NOT get layers. I didn't even know what split ends were before I got layers, now I can't get rid of them. Getting layers made my hair dry, brittle, frizzy, puffy, i.e. Everything you don't want. I also started straightening it, another bad mistake. After a while, I wanted to try something different so I got a shoulder length haircut, taking off maybe 10 inches of hair. I would probably have never had to worry about split ends again had I not started straitening it again because the haircut looked so horrible with my natural hair. I have let my hair grow since then and because straitening it was so time consuming, I just stopped. My advice is don't fight your hair type ;  you will most likely damage it and it's just too much work. I towel dry my hair now or twist it into a bun so my waves are more defined and less awkward. The length of my hair has made my waves "calmer" and less frizzy because they are weighed down. I don't use any hair products or straiten my hair and it always looks nice and my waves get quite a few compliments. I am due for a trim though.
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It seems that people who have wavy hair want straight hair and people with straight hair want wavy hair! Your approach depends on whether you want to enhance or straighten your wave. The healthier option is to work with what your hair does naturally. Straightening is an option, but causes some stress to the hair. Therefore if you straighten, you should be careful to condition and protect your hair. Give it a little extra TLC.

There are lots of tools for enhancing wavy hair. There are styling sprays and mousses formulated for curls and waves. There are also many different kinds of hair rollers and curling irons. Don't over-use and follow safety instructions. The heat can cause damage so be sure to condition well.

Hair can be straightened in a salon or on your own. There are numerous gels and serums that help to style straightened hair. Also, you can use a straightening wand. Again, follow the safety instructions and don't leave on your hair too long. Also don't apply to damp hair, which can cause damage.
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My hair is like that too.  what I do is go to the hair dresser's and ask them to thin out your hair they have special scissors that only take out small portions of hair that make it much thinner.  I would recommend you do that every month or so get a shoulder length or short hair cut and maybe run a straightener through your hair every once in a while.  its really no a lot of work
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If you have thick wavy hair my opinion short yuk it make you look like a boy ,my hairs thick an curly (ringlets, natural)keep it long and if you want get a perm  big hair is sooo in now ,put a head band you no the elastic ones it looks great I tell you now!!!!
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Since your hair is thick you should get layers and some of the length cut of, not too much though. At night, before you go to bed straighten your hair or curl it or do something with and when you wake up all you have to do it pull a brush through it and tie it up or whatever. Get a side fringe, a normal fridge or some highlights or die it a funky colour to add some oomph.

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