How Can I Get My Daughters To Cut Their Waist Length Hair Very Short My Daughters Age 10 And 12 Have Waist Length Hair I Want To Cut Their Waist Length Hair Very Short Should I Forced My Daughters To Cut Their Waist Length Hair Very Short?


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Are you the boss of them or their the boss of you? You could say that there hair is not practical or getting to long .make a compromise on the length that thier are prepared to go ,perhaps 6 inches this time and a month or two later another 6 inches,doing it bit by bit . Offer them a treat for being good and getting their hair cut.
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Jill johnson
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I had my daughters waist length hair cut very short like a boy My daughters has very short hair like a boy
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If your child doesn't want to cut their hair, then you shouldn't make them cut it. How would you feel if someone came up to you and dragged you by the ear into a barber shop and cut off your hair? Some girls find that their hair makes them beautiful, why take that away from them?
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No you are wrong short hair is better
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Oh, please don't do it!  You'll traumatize them for life, they will never get over it and you will be the Evil Mommy!  When they decide they want to have their hair cut, then is the time to do it.
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Depends why you want to do this. You should never force anyone to do anything against their will unless there is a practical reason for it.

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