How Can I Get My Hair To Stop Breaking Off So Much?


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Hair breaking and falling - the bane of all women who want to keep every single strand of hair they have on their heads where it belongs! I know it annoys me every time I see the strands of hair that chose to accompany my hairbrush, instead of stay on my head. Dry, brittle hair breaks very easily. If the hair is not nourished and moisturized as it grows, the ends grow thinner and split off from the main shaft. A hairstylist will tell you that you should cut/trim your hair every six weeks. But if you want to grow hair, then you need the centimetre or so of monthly growth to add up before it starts getting snipped off. That said, if your ends are breaking because of bad hair health, cut it back until you reach healthier hair further up the strand.

For healthy hair, the total hair care package becomes important. On a holistic level, a good diet is essential to nourishing all parts of your body, including your hair follicles. I’ve had times of increased hair loss, when I was under a lot of stress and also when I travelled a lot on work business. By setting other areas of health right, my hair responded well too. The next step is choosing the right hair products. Use moisturising shampoos and always use a conditioner. There are products marketed for dry and damaged hair, and this is always a good aisle to start shopping in. Using natural oils on your scalp and hair allows the hair to soak in moisture and increase tensile strength. I leave oil (olive or coconut) in my hair for an hour before shampooing it off. Others suggest keeping an application of oil on overnight at least once a week. Ultimately, hair loss through breaking or falling can be arrested, with the right hair care regime for your hair and your convenience.
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Don't brush hair so much. If you really have to brush your hair, make sure you're using a quality bristle brush. To make hair grow don't wash it that often, it can dehydrate hair of its natural oils. Deep condition at least once a month or so. Use leave in conditioners more than the wash out conditioners. You can also make home remedy conditioners using mayonnaise and an egg in a bowl. Leave in for about 1 hour with a shower cap on, then make sure you wash it out well. Stay away from heating appliances and chemicals. Trim hair at least every 3-4 months and try oiling scalp with olive oil or coconut oil.
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Don't Sleep with a ponytail; it stresses and damages your hair while you lay on it.
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Get a really good reconstructor to start putting in after you shampoo and leave it in for about ten minutes. The joico k-pak products are extremely wonderful and repaired my hair when mine was breaking off so bad from chemical damage. Unfortunately they are not cheap but all you would really need is the deep penetrating reconstructor that they have which can run from $15-$25 and it would at least repair your damage before its gets worse. If you want a cheaper solution than that. Then go to a nearest Sallys and they have a shelf full of repair and regrowth treatments (the aphogee products work wonders as well, so I've been told) for less than salon name brand products. most of all, get on a multivitamin that is labled specifically for the hair, skin, and nails
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You should comb your hair on regular basis. Don't use a terrible comb. Comb them gently so they should not break. You should oil your hair weekly. It will strengthen their roots from very base. It is good to wash them after oiling. Don't leave oil into them for long hours because it will spoil them fast. Use a shampoo of the brand that suits you. Don't use soap for washing hair. Soaps have rough chemicals that will obviously destroy your hair and damage them by and by.

It is good if you have checked out the quality of your hair. You may check that either they are oily or dry. They may be of normal quality if not oily or dry. You should use the relevant shampoo after knowing about the quality of your hair. That will surely make a difference. Go for trimming your hair after three months at least. This will clear double heads problem of hair. Double heads are accountable for spoiling the originality of hair. They weaken their roots and growth speed as well.
Hope now you would be able to take good care of your hair. If you still have any question then you may ask. All the best!
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First you want to seek out hydrating shampoo and conditioners and next a hotoil treatment . Now if you don't have the money then you can try some things around in the home like mayonnaise , egg in a bowl stirred up and after shampooing your hair put it all over with a shower cap on top . Sit under the dryer for 30 minutes and rinse then put a moisturizing conditioner in your  hair that you leave in . I am a hairstylist and I have been doing hair for 22yrs. I hope that helps
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Hi I need help too...I had very healthy hair and it just started thinning out then breaking like 9 months ago. I don't know what to do. I cut my hair every 3 weeks and split ends come back, I treat it and it doesnt get back full nor does the breaking stop. You can see at the roots where the hair broke from what can I do?
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Use a moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner......deep condition once every healthy foods...get the right amounts of exercise.......drink plenty of water.....and also try essential oils for growth as well :) also what kind of treatment are you doing to your hair?
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I'm 18 my hair was long..very long in my back about a year ago. I wash my hair every week, steam it, put moisturizer and I also put rollers in it before I go to bed at nights and the breaking hasn't stopped yet it's getting shorter everyday. I'm confused  PS.I don't use heat in my hair at all..I've also been using vitamin E tablets
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I have always since I can remember,having thick hair thats half straight half problem is that the top of my hair have short hairs that stick out and curl weird.What is that and why could yoy please help by telling me why and what can I do to fix it?
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Please help!! Recently my hair along my hair line has broken off!! My hair is ethnic, relaxed, long, and it broke off to be less than 3/4 of an inch. I don't use heat on my hair only my stylist does and my hair is relaxed. Why is this happening and how can I stop and reverse this problem? Are there any products I should get? Treatments? Any help is appreciated!
PS my prom is in less than a month, so if there is any fast acting, that would be great!!
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If you colour your hair don't colour so much, get a hair treatment a leave in one if you can. Don't use too much product in your hair and also ,it sounds yuk but don't wash your hair everyday as you wash out all the natural oils that keep it healthy. You also should have a trim to take off the dead ends. Try it and see how you get on hope it helps
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Hey..... I really need HELP... I'm 18 and I can't seem to make my hair grow.....every time I brush it, it always breaks.... I really want my hair to grow... N e advice some one can give me???? HELP.....
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Nothing will stop the breakage, as long as you continue to use dye. Extensive Hair coloring can severely damage your hair. The chemicals weaken the hair shaft and cause it to become dry, brittle and break or worse hair loss.
It is best to stop the dye and get your hair healthy again. Having no
hair at all is not worth changing colors and eventually it will start
falling out. If you must dye your hair, use a gentle temporary color
only, that comes out in several washings.  But I wouldn't even recommend
a temporary dye, until your hair is completely healthy again.

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My hair keeps breaking off ,I don't know what 2 do I have really short bits around the front and can't have it up without them sticking up please help x
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Use a moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner...deep condition once every healthy foods...get the right amounts  of exercise...drink plenty of water.....and also try essential oils for growth as well  :)
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You can stop hair from breaking and shedding by taking good care of it. Always apply oil before you wash your hair, if not do use conditioner after shampooing because your hair tends to lose it's moisture after you wash it and this causes hair breakage and hairfall. You should also pay attention to your diet because a lot of times we may be taking good care of our hair and it still looks dull and breaks and falls, simply because our diet may be poor. Eat a lot of fish because it's great for your hair. Proteins are also important for your hair so do eat an egg for breakfast everyday. Applying an egg yold with some lemon juice and vinegar also helps make it look healthier. Don't use too many chemicals on your hair, such as dyes, perming  and straightening lotions, hair sprays and the like.
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Hiyer, I to am on this quest and right this very min my hair is in cling film with olive oil gently rubbed on my scalp,did this method last wk and was amazed with the results,not a cure but my hair felt cleaner,fuller and softer.Have stopped washing it everyday and now the colder weather is here I wear a hat when I need to go out,I don't feel like everyones looking at my see through hair. Also went on line and started a course of Nourkrin tablets,1 in the morn 1 in the night,they have natural minerals in them some sort of deep sea extract,the write up was fab and so were the photos before-after. My Aunt works in a college and the girls in the salon swear by them.   My GHDs will be cold for a while that much I no.   Oh and ive started taking cod liver oil, I'm only 31 and this hair loss and breakage is maybe a sign for me to start looking after my body. Hope this helped   Donna xx
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Treat it like a childs hair, you should make sure every product you use on the hair is gentle relaxers, colors even shampoos (which some have Sulfate totally not good for you). The main thing is diet, try to incorporate a Biotin or multivitamin pill once a day. That will give all the cells (Hair Cell) a little boost of energy and it will strengthen your hair.
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Have you thought of a very short haircut with baby oil or wax to make it stick up. This style is still popular. 
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Shave your head then you won't have to worry about it...and just think about all the money  you will save on product...

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