So I have past shoulder length hair, but I want to grow it out, how long will it take to grow out my hair? I got it cut in the beginning of June and it is getting longer.


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It should take around a couple of months Maxine- maybe sooner if you use shampoos or conditioners that have aloe vera and coconut oil in them.
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Normally hair grows 1/2 inch a month. Some studies have shown that people who are early risers, eat healthy, and are cautious in hair care grow hair more quickly than others. Here's a hint. Put your back to the mirror, take a pic, from over your head, at the mirror. Do this on the same day every month. You'll see the progress yourself.
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Maxine Chan
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My hair grows faster than normal people do so I guess I have to have a hair trim/cut every few months.
Lynne Dwyer
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True. If you really want it to grow out, then have a 1/2 inch trim every 3 months, just to rid of dead or split ends. But if you treat your hair nicely, you may only have to trim every 4 months.
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Probably a couple of months I guess=) my hair is like proper long, it goes all the way to my lowerback and after christmas, I'm getting it cut really short because its a pain to look after when its that long haha=) oh and btw, to get it this long, I had to grow it since I was like 6 or something=)

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