How Do I Get My Hair To Grow? My Hair Has Hit A Growth Stump. I Trim Regularly And Take Good Care Of It, But It Just Won't Grow Anymore? Please Help!


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Suhail Ajmal Profile
Suhail Ajmal answered
It is not easy to make your hair grow if you are losing it constantly. I am going to give you 20 steps to make your hair grow. Just visit the following link for this.
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Tauseef Sheikh answered
Take care of your diet..take food which is rich in minerals and vitamins..
Give your hair with some good oil massage at least two times a week..
Don't use shampoo daily...your hair will grow more
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Well your hair goes through different stages and during one of the stages the hair growth actually slows down or stops for a few months or maybe even a year or so. But I gave you 2 tips earlier this week, just thought I'd add this thought!

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