Can You Show Me Pictures Of Hairstyles Long On Bottom Short On Top?


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There are a variety of hairstyles that feature long hair at the bottom and short hair at the top - they are most commonly referred to as ‘layered’ hairstyles. They can be very different, depending on how short the upper layers are - some blend in with longer layers to produce a sophisticated style, whilst others are drastically different lengths, resulting in a funky look. To find photographs of hairstyles that have long and short hair lengths, it is best to use a search engine such as Yahoo! Or Google, both of which have images to search and browse through. Otherwise, you could look at hairstyle websites which have many images of varying layered looks.

If you want your hair done so it is long but with short layers at the top, it is a very good idea to get your hair done by a professional hairstylist. They will know how to create the image you desire. Trying to do it yourself could result in a mess, with choppy layers all over the place in a way that isn’t fashionable. Of course, to express exactly how you would like your hair to look, you could find a photograph that portrays what you hope to achieve. By showing this to your hairdresser, you are helping them immensely - they know precisely what look to aim for.

It may take hair an hour or so of web browsing to find the layered look that you want. Hairstyles that are short at the top and long at the bottom can be very different! You are likely to come across some very bizarre styles - but don’t let that put you off. Very cool chic looks can be found; looking at celebrity hairstyles is a fantastic way in which to find your perfect layered look.
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Your question is a little confusing. It would have been easier to provide you with pictures of hairstyles, if you had provided with the exact name of the hairstyle because there are many hairstyles that are longer towards the bottom and shorter on top. However, here is a link that has pictures of almost all sorts of such hairstyles. Hope it helps:
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Right I'm going to name a person her name is christina grimmie and she sings on youtube but she an amazing hair style and it might be exactly what your looking for xx
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Yes sure. They are called layered since each layer gives the illusions of volume of length. Its sometimes not visible to the naked eye and thats the sign of a good layered hairstyle.

I assume you're asking about something like these ones?

Keep in mind that there are also a lot of many other such hairstyles which are long at ends and short at top like half updos.

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Aww... I so wanted to get the hairstyle like christina grimmie....  Just tell the hairstyler to cut 'layered' ..??

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