How Can I Tie My Shoulder Length Hair?


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Abi Ainscough answered
Shoulder length hair can be tricky to place in a ponytail as some of the hair near the front may not reach the ponytail tie at the back.  To tie your shoulder length hair effectively it may be worth having some hair clips or hair pins handy in order to assist in holding your hair in place.  To aid in tying your hair in a ponytail it is always worth giving your hair a good brush first.  Once your hair has been brushed to remove knots, use an elastic tie to place your hair in a ponytail, sweeping all your hair to the back of your head and up into the hair elastic.  Having done this you should find that some of your hair is too short to be swept into the ponytail and will be left at the sides or near the front.  In order to assist with the hold of your hair you can now use the hair clips and hair pins to tidy the remaining hair into place, making it look as though your hair has been completely tied.  Flatten and smooth the remaining hair along the side of your head, in line with the tied hair, and clip the hair into place, using the existing tied hair to hold it.  Some people even use a little gel or wax to help hold their hair in place and ensure that nothing falls out.  If the clips and pins you choose are the same colour as your hair you should find that they are quite discreet, giving the effect of tied hair without showing the clips.  As it is quite tricky it may be more effective if a friend helps to hold the hair in place or tie the hair until it is a little longer.

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