How Can I Grow My Hair Longer And Soft?


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Sometimes, it will not go as how you want it. You are already doing what's best for your hair by keeping it clean all the time, if it is still as dull or dry and you already tried all the shampoo and conditioners in the market, I would say just relax and calm down. Sometimes the place where you live is a contributor, the dryness of the climate, the hard water, the nature, the food that you eat, your health, they all contribute to what we all have outside our body. Commercials are just commercials, they work for some and not for some but they have to generally tell the public that their product works, because we all are consumer or buyers or users. So, just enjoy and don't abuse your hair by putting too many stuff in/on it. Remember that you have other parts of your body that you need to take care of. All the chemicals that you pour up there are being received down there too and inside there. I hope you get what I mean. Read the labels of everything you buy, some say this could cause "cancer". That's what I'm trying to impart.
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If you want to make your hairs longer and stronger, you must take care of your hairs in a proper way. Following are some of the suggestions in this regard:
First of all, a proper and healthy diet is necessary for making your hairs strong. If you are not taking a proper diet and nutrients, then you are surely missing a lot. The second thing is the personal hygiene problems. You must take care of yourself and you should keep yourself safe from any dirt or filthy things. You must also wash your hair with clean water or the water that is not contaminated.
Now, the abovementioned points were to make you aware of some facts to be kept in mind for good hairs. Now you must understand your hairs also need some diet. So you must do some massage and Olive oil is the best thing to apply on your hairs and scalp. It will not only make your hairs longer but would also give them a good shine.
Another thing is that you can apply yoghurt and egg before taking a bath. It is also very good for hairs. And if you feel disgust because of smell, you can mix some lemon in this mixture to avoid the smell. So these are the good points that can make your hairs longer and stronger just within a month.

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