What Kind Of Oil Should I Put On My Hair To Get It To Grow Longer?


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Suhail Ajmal answered
My suggestion is to use coconut oil to make your hair grow longer. Use good shampoo and after that apply coconut oil on your hair. Do it on daily basis. You will fell the difference.
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Sue Gill answered
The only think you could do is get hair extensions--your hair is "programmed" to grow @ a certain speed and not sure of any way to change that but ask the person who cuts it
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Massaging will help stimulate growth and feel good on your scalp. Aveda has some wonderful massage oils for the scalp.
Hair on average grows 1/2 inch per month. And the more you watch is the slower it seems. Be patient, and remember, extensions are an option. Ready to wear hair is fun and less expensive too. You do have lots of options. Good luck.
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Haniyah Asberry answered
I would say Wild Growth Oil. It's in a White Bottle and has Green writing on it && a Red top. This really works. I doubt you would like the small, because it's stinky but it has a lot of herbs in it to produce better hair growth. My mother brought it and she didn't really use it. One day I brought my own and it works. I noticed a difference within my hair in a week. I can tell it grew longer. It also better's your hair texture if you have nappy hair. My hair texture is naturally soft, but this oil made it softer. I think that you use this product. It cost like $8.00 but, it's toatlly worth it.

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