How Should I Style My Straight Shoulder Length Brown Hair?


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Arianna Vaccaro answered
There are so many things you could do with your straight shoulder length brown hair. The type of style you choose will probably reflect your own style, lifestyle and occasion.

Here are some suggestions on how you may think about styling your hair:

• Take inspiration from Jennifer Anniston and have some long layers cut through the style to add some texture and shape. Ask your stylist to cut the layers around your face to compliment you.
• If you are a bit bored with the color of your hair but want to keep the brown as a base color, why not think about getting a few highlights through your hair? This will add more interest to your hair style and will compliment your natural colorings.
• A fringe could also be a good idea. If the idea of a very blunt fringe scares you why not ask for a sweeping side fringe. This can easily be pinned back and grown out if you end up not liking it.
• For a special occasion why not curl your hair using straightening irons or curling tongs? You could also put your hair up.
• Use straightening irons to give your hair more shape. If you have layers around your face rather than flicking them inwards- flick them outwards. Think Charlie's Angels.

This style is very versatile so ask your stylist for some more ideas the next time you visit the salon.
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Kat answered
You could get some really cool bangs! Or you could give it waves too! Very pretty.

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