How Long Does It Take To Grow Your Hair Out?


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I would recommend:

Using a leave in hair conditioner once or twice a week

If you have dead ends, I would trim them so they wont break off

try not to use hot curlers or heat appliances to much

Choose a healthy diet so you and your hair is healthy

don't brush your hair when you get out of the shower because it will pull out some hair

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Hair grows approx 6 inches a year!
Cutting of the smallest amount of hair to get rid of split ends and any damage
Using a leave in hair mask
Don't use hair-dryers, straighteners, curling irons (they slow down your hairs' growth)
Use protective serum to protect your hair from the sun etc...
Brush your hair with a wide toothed comb
When you wash your hair let it air dry completely, just squeeze out water
Eat healthy and take multi-vitamins
Don't tie up your hair
That's what works for me.. I hope it helps :)
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It took me 5 to 7 moths but I kept my hair in braids so that helped a lot. It also depends on what type of hair you have.
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My sister is a cancer survivor and my hairdresser told us that it grows at about a rate of 1/4 inch per month....
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Everyone's hair grows at a different rate, the average high growth is about an inch per month, the average low growth is about 1/4 an inch per month.

The professional hair line, Nioxin, makes a product called bionutrient treatment.  It is formulated for those with hair loss, but in the last ten years I've found that it will make your hair grow faster if you use it daily.

You spray it on your scalp after you get out of the shower and towel dry.
It burns/tingles a little but that's normal.  If it runs down your face your skin will react by leaving a red streak.  This is also normal as the product contains some pepper juice to bump up the blood supply to your scalp.  The red streak; itching; tingling will go away in about ten minutes and after you use the product for a while it won't be as bad.  I know it sounds awful but it's not.  You can find it in local salons.  Do a Google search for Nioxin.

You don't have long until July 4th... You might look into getting extensions... Or buy a clip-in hairpiece.  Check out your local beauty supply for those. (Like Sally's)

Good luck!

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Hair grows 1/2 of an inch a month. But if you have really bad split ends you need to cut it or it will just keep breaking off. I'm working on doing the same thing, and I'm in school at paul mitchell, what helps a lot is leaving it alone. Don't bleach or dye it just let it be. And take Biotin, its skin hair and nail support. You can get it at walmart for $3. It works really good. Also use good products on your hair. Go to a salon and ask them what would be best for your hair. That makes a really big difference too.
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5 months.
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The average hair growth  is 1/2 - 1 per month. There are different ways to help your hair grow out a little bit faster.
two teaspoons of olive oil
one teaspoon of honey
coconut oil
and half an avacado
crush the avacado till it is pretty much squished
mix all the other ingredients
Put avacado in the others and apply from roots to end wait an hour wash in sink or shower wherever you wash your hair. It really works

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Umm since my bangs grew like 1 inch and like 3 centimeters , then thats how much I grew a month.
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If you take vitamins that helps, here is a little secret I use everyday.... Tide laundry soap mixed with pantein full and thick  and herbal essences "none of your frizzieness conditioner" and my hair grew 2 and !/2 inches in a month
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It is time to let your hair grow out with grace. You'll have to commit to a regimen and possibly change your diet, but you'll love the results. Visist this site
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Depends on how much you need your hair to grow but to go from short to long hair usually takes 2 years however if you go on eBay and look under hair extensions you can buy them for around $150 and that is for 20inches and they just clip in with tiny flat clips, I have them and they are fantastic and you can easily put them in your self and you can colour them to match your hair. They deliver within a couple of days and are much cheaper than buying them in the shops or getting permanent extensions which cost thousands.
Good luck I hope this helps
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By then you should have a respectable amt. Of hair. Hair grows faster in the summer. However a lot depends on how fast your hair grows, if not long enough to suit you, and you are going somewhere or it is important your hair look good at this date, consider a reasonable wig.
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Well it depends if your hair grows fast or slow. But by the fourth of July you should have a descent amount.
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Hair grows approximately 1/2 inch per month so if that's not enough by July, get some extensions done !
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Not everybody can grow long hair. It all depends on the texture and type of hair you have. Also know that long hair don't make you. Its what you do with your hair. But if you really want long hair by the 4th then get a weave
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Oh I think your looking at it taking a little longer I'm growing mine out now it is nine months I hate the two colours mixed but it will be worth it yes you could invest in a wig if you have an important date soon

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