If you dye your hair too much does your hair stop growing? Because it seems my friend's hair is getting thinner and stayed the same length ever since she cut it in the summer in June.


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It's not good to dye your hair OR put any chemicals on it routinely. Your hair....like your feet (lol) needs to breath. I have always told my daughter...the more you destroy it, the quicker it will NOT look good. We only have one life and most of us will live to be 80. Let's just pray that the hair and all lasts that long!! She takes this supplement called AGRO (I think) ..it's stinky going down and tastes terrible. I don't see any difference in her hair.....It's good to keep a shampoo with PH balance and use eggs occasionally. Many people do not consider their brand of shampoo and should.
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It doesn't stop growing but if you don't look after your hair by using nutrient creams and hair oils, it grows more slowly and eventually gets thinner.You have to protect it and strengthen it with vitamins, coconut oil and aloe vera.
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I bet Ariana Grande takes care of her red hair lol and I know she wears hair extensions.
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That's right she mustn't treat it with beauty products.
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Oh yeah she looks after her hair alrigh with the finest beauticians in Hollywood !
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You hair won't stop growing. But dye your hair too much will definitely causes huge damage to your hair. You hair can become very thinner and fragile, very easy to broken. And the chemical dye materials can harm your skin which will make your hair grow slowly and not that strong as usual.

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I dye my hair once a month. I buy hair dye without ammonia. For hair restoration I use products from argan oil, which make hair more healthy and strong. And also stimulate hair growth. My hair is thick and strong, thanks to this. Maybe this recommendation will be useful for your friend

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You can always try hair extension stanchions to mix up the look, not stanchions like these but actual hair stanchions, make sure you put hair stanchions into google when searching.

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