My Hair Is Really Short. Should I Get Hair Extensions Or Not?


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Well,try using those products which actually help in good growth of your hair. Yes, go for hair extensions but temporary ones. So, that you can wear them or put them in, when ever you think you need to. If you don't like short hair, then try taking good care of them and don't cut them short now.
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Nowadays you can get really good clip in extensions they can be a little expensive well over here anyway!!!! But at least then as Rlall said you have the choice. Let your hair grow and get it cut regularly to help maintain your hairs condition there is nothing worse than scraggy ends!!!!!
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extension is a very popular among many women because it is a great way to
enhance your natural hairs to look fuller and longer. If you want long hairs
without actually having them then hair extensions are the great way to get
desired look. There are so many different types of hair extensions. Here are we
mentioned below:

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions/Weaves

& Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

& Hair Pieces

Hair Extensions

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If you are not happy with the length of your hair you should definitely try hair extensions.

I highly recommend you to get hair extensions from Las Vegas made from human hair. It looks nice and naturally. I absolutely love them. I had very thin, short hair.

For the first time in my entire life, I have long, beautiful hair and it looks totally natural.
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Hair extensions would look really nice  my friends have them and I'm well jelous you can get them quite cheap as well
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You can try the clip in hair extensions, personally I have been using them and love them. Go for high quality ones so they can last a long time. Remy grade AAA hair should be good so you can straighten them, curl them, dye them, ect.
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Don't because I cut my hair and before that I had my hair extensions and I thought it was going to be fine but then when I put my extension on it looks weird because it looks short from the top and long on the bottom when I went to school the next day I had nasty remarks such as my hair looking fake and ugly and all that crap and I regret buying the extension and cutting my hair!! Trust me on this
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