Should I Cut My Hair Short?


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I would say go for it.  Change is always a good thing.  It may take a little getting  used to at first, but you will probably like it. It is much easier to care for short hair than longer hair. I just underwent an entire makeover from top to bottom. 
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I would not necessarily cut it short, but I would have it shaped, a good haircut will enhance both the hair, and your looks. You are a very nice looking young man, definitely in the handsome category, but you have a high forehead, so I would want something to blend in with my forehead, kind of like some spiky bangs, or just a better cut. I have the opposite problem. I can't wear bangs because it makes me look like 'Mo' on the 3 stooges, my forehead is very short. What a good question! I think people should get several opinions before they make a major change like that.
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That is up to you, if you don't want to cut it short just cut it a little shorter than it is and get a new style or find a picture of a style you may like and just go for it and you may just like it if you don't it is hair and it will grow back.
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I believe any style you choose will suit your face but to short and you may not like it ,maybe you could get it styled they will also cut it  but probably not as much.
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Do it choose a style you like, then go 2 the hair dresser and the should coustomise it 2 suit you.. And if you don't like it you can grow it out :)
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To make a dramic change like you want, cut your hair. Your hair with look healthy too.
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Yea you could cut it even shorter you look amazing
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Visit a hairstylist first. Only your friends will tell you the truth. Your blessed. You can make a change every couple months, till you find something you like. God made a miracle there. Hair regrows. Lol

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