Can it be true that when you sleep with your makeup on, you age by four days?


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OMG!  You aged so much you look like Hello Kitty now!  Ok, that sucked, no I think smoking ciggs, drinking like a fish and a lot of sun exposure can prematurely age you.  Probably not from sleeping in makeup though.  It is also said that heavy drug use will do it to you and by looking at Keith Richards I am inclined to agree.
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AMz N-A commented
I'd love to look like Hello Kitty, she looks fresh lol.
Starma Scorpio
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I think it would be unnerving to some people to see a person sized hello kitty coming at them, just a thought :) She is pretty cute I'll give you that.
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Just Guessing but If you have on Toxic Makeup Probably, I can see that Logic, but not if you have on makeup thats actually good for youe skin.
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Sure why not.
Yeesh you musta slept for a month with it on LOL
Joking - Don't worry so much, that will make you age... Oops
now you'll be worrying about worrying about aging.

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