Should I keep my hair long or cut it short? Please answer, I don't know what to do.


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If you're not sure then keep it long. If later you decide you want it cut, then you can, but if you get it cut and then realise you wanted it long then it's gonna take a while to grow back...

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Maybe start by just cutting it a small amount? I know from experience when I cut my hair short and then hated it :( and it took forever to grow again

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I think long because you can try many style in long hair

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I'm prejudiced to my long hair. I can do anything I need with it depending on my mood for the day.

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Short. I recommend a haircut just like mine. You never have to brush it or comb it, and you save a fortune on hardressers, perms, lotions, conditioners and shampoos.

I just took a selfie to show you how good I look.

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"If in doubt, leave it out."  You cannot stick it back on, once it's off. Try some new styles if you are bored, but leave cutting it if you are uncertain.

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