Should I Cut My Natural Curly Hair Short?


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The style I saw of Rihanna's was straight not curly, and if you cut yours too short, it will look like a fro or it will frizz depending on how tight your curls are. You don't want it too short either because you don't want to show off your LONG neck (or do you?). Long loose curls are sexy anyways, I say keep it like the way you have it. Love that you have big eyes too! You sound like you look sexy anyway so why fix something that ain't broke? You can straighten your curly hair too, if that's what you want...but that you will have to keep up to keep it straight.
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 I agree with you mscupid .I have a friend which seems to be like you because she has naturally curly hair,a long neck and big eyes. And she went to the saloon and had a new hairstyle. But when she saw her new hairstyle she was sad because she was better with her older hairstyle ..
I don't know its up to you
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No if you have curly hair it's better if it's longer not short.
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I have that hair cut and my hair is curly 2 so just put some gel or moose on it....or just straighten
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I am actually trying to decide the same thing, myself. It's hard to know how intense or frizzy your curls will become when you cut them shorter. But I also believe that big eyes look gorgeous with shorter hair. So, I think you should definitely cut it!
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It all depends on what you want to do. I want to cut my hair to rihanna's hair cut but my mom thinks I shouldn't. I have naturally curly hair. But as I said before it all depends on what you want to do.
BEN GREGO answered
You will end up with FRIZZ if you cut all that hair off!!!  Are you using shampoos and condtioners for curly/frizzy hair? If not, START at once.....they are a big help!

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