How Do You Take Care Of Wet And Wavy Hair Tracks?


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It depends. If they're fake ; you might need to get new ones - or you might have to go back to the store/place/person/etc., that you bought them from and get a special treatments {[lotions, mousses, gels, ect.]} -- or see if you can treat it like real hair.

If it IS real hair {[or you can treat it like real hair 100%]}, then you should do what I do {[because my hair is all natural & its curly as hell]} -the best thing to do for our type of hair is ONLY use either our hands, soft-bristle brushes, and spaced-out/thick combs. --ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS WET ; because, when wavy/curly hair {especially} is wet, it is more susceptible to breakage and frizz. So you should always use a comb. --Maybe even some defrizz serum.

I know for a fact that, Frizz-Ease has a serum that was voted BEST frizz-tamer from Allure magazines polls, & I tried it. & It is amazing. But, since I have SO much thick, curly hair, I have to use a lot to really get it down. =] In my personal opinion, for less frizz - use more product. :] BUT WATCH OUT, it usually makes hair a bit limp & wayed down, so don't put too too much. It also might flake. That's a whole new subject.

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