Should I Shave My Pubic Hair Or Not ?


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The only thing I hate about shaving my pubic hair is the part where I grows back.  It's prickly and sometimes the hair can get catch in the thread of the underwear and it doesn't feel to great.  I'm not against it though, especially during the summer when it's time to go swimming.
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The only reason to shave your pubic hair is if you like the appearance of a shaved pubic mound.  It is a purely cosmetic decision which isn't more hygienic or sanitary than an unshaved bush.
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That depends on you and your comfort level; perhaps personal intimate desires with others.
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No, wax it. It lasts longer and doesn't grow back all itchy and bumpy.
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Perhaps wax.. I agree that the prickliness when it grows back is not very nice or comfortable and itchy!
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Its OK the only problem is that when it grows back it really itches. If you don't mind getting stares when you scratch yourself go ahead it is somewhat cleanly.
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It all depends on you, do you like it or not, don't let somebody change the way you look to satisfy them, its your body do what you want.
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I don't know if I missed something here, but the person who asked this question appears to be a GUY.  I'll tell you right now.  If you are a GUY and are asking this question, you have waaaaaayy bigger problem than deciding to . . .
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What difference doe it make? Guys, Gals... All have pubes. Both can shave. Its about personal preferences. Me, I shave ALL body hair!
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Boy! You seem to be pretty hard core about this whole shaving thing. If you want to go shaving your "nether regions," go right ahead. Just keep that info to yourself and as far away from me as possible; for if you are indeed a male, which apparently you are, you have waaaaaayy bigger problems as well! (what planet are you from anyway?)
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Also i just read your profile. All i have to say is WTF!!!!!!??????
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I don't think you should if it gets to long you could try trimming it with scissors (don't get mad at me if it doesnt work I'm not an expert!!)

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