Should I Make My Daughter Get Short Hair?


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If she will not go to the barbers like my daughter get a pair of clippers and tell her if she doesnt sit down you will ground her for a long period of time and just shave it of but in stages like go shorter and shorter make it last a long time and tell her that is what she gets for not wanting to go to the barbers when you asked her its called discipline.
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If she wants it long you should not cut her hair short.  Is cutting her hair worth upsetting your relationship with your daughter, you may need to trim the hair only.  Children remember things that hurt them, I do.   Try waiting until she suggest she would like her hair cut.  She just may be too young to want short hair.  We all change our hair styles as we grow older.  Just give her a little more time to adjust to the idea.  If her hair is not causing any health issues, I would let it stay long for now. Take care.
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My Daughter is 13 years old, and usually at the beginning of summer we take our kids to get trims but her hair was in the middle of her back and we talked about it with the stylist and we gave her a short bob.... She didnt like it at first but she got used to it!
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Yes you should make your daughter get short hair
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Cut it into a very short bob(above ear) and shave the nape across to each ear!
She will appreciate the easier locks!
If not crew cut it and buy some flowery pins to add across touch!

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